Accomplished projects


State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg”

Joint-Stock Company “TELROS” performs works on objects of State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg” since 1995 and is the basic contractor on construction of communication and safety systems. Since 2004 the work in the direction of automatic process control systems is actively carried out.

Systems of communication and data transfer

The corporate telecommunication network of State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg”, which combines over 40 objects in the territory of Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region has been designed and constructed by our company and serves more than 4000 subscribers. Administrative and technological buildings of State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg” are equipped with structured cable systems, multimedia complexes, TV systems,  video conference systems, radio exchange systems. Unique works have been completed on the design and installation of telephone centre for calls servicing (CallCentre) for “Administration on the work with  population” of State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg”.

Safety systems

 Joint-Stock Company “TELROS” together with Department of safety of State Unitary Enterprise “Vodokanal Saint-Petersburg” performs works on creation of complex safety system at the enterprise.

Automatic Process Control Systems

Reconstruction of the Oryol water pump station of II stage has been carried out in Pushkin, including reconstruction of internal power supply system, power equipment, technological part and introduction of automated technological processes control system.

Joint Stock Company “Lenenergo”

A complex of works on design, delivery and installation of telecommunication equipment was carried out in 2001 – 2003 at the objects of Joint Stock Company “Lenenergo”. Since 2005, works on construction of communication and safety systems are being performed at the Right-bank thermal power station.

Belozerny Gaz Processing Station

A uniform telecommunication network that has linked 3 objects of the enterprise has been installed.

Surgut hydroelectric power station - 1

Works on modernization of external communication lines with the system of transfer and construction of telephone network have been performed.

Surgut hydroelectric power station - 2

Works on installation and fine tuning of equipment in communication Centres and the system of dispatching and technical control at Surgut hydroelectric power station - 2, the most powerful thermal power station in Eurasia, member enterprise of Joint Stock Company “OGK-4”, have been performed.


Joint Stock Company “Kirov factory”

From 2000 to 2003 basic works on design and construction of corporate telecommunication system of the enterprise which includes optical fibre transportation network with data transfer systems, a network of digital Private Automatic Exchange Stations with total capacity of over 3000 subscribers have been performed, structured cable systems in branches of Joint Stock Company “Kirov factory”. In 2005 the enterprise received a system of universal voice message processing, micro cellular communication system, a network of wireless access for organization of technological processes in shops of branch enterprises.

Joint Stock Company “Izhora factories”

In 2000 works on design and replacement of equipment in central security post of the entire enterprise have been executed. Works have been executed in the shortest possible time, and safety of the object has been maintained in continuous mode.

Joint Stock Company “Sevkabel”

In 2004 the private automatic exchange station “Meridian 1” has been modernized, the quantity of digital paths and number of subscribers was increased to 464 is, the conference-bridge produced by TELROS was installed for 60 simultaneous participants, structured cable network for 187 ports was constructed.

Joint Stock Company “Vyborg Cellulose”

Access monitoring system in three territorially remote entrance points has been installed. The number of staff is over 2000. The constructed access monitoring system is incorporated into a uniform network.

Joint-Stock Company “Tikhvin Ferroalloy Factory”

Works on design and construction of communication and safety systems, including access monitoring and control systems, security systems, video observation system, alarm and fire notification system have been performed.

Joint Stock Company “Baltica Brewery”

Starting-up and adjustment works of private automatic exchange station with total capacity of 1000 subscribers have been performed. The installed station has ensured expansion of factory's telephone system capacity, an opportunity of connection of additional communication channels to operators of general purpose networks.

“Positron” Factory

Works on creation of access monitoring and control system with an opportunity of photo identification for 4000 employees have been performed. Communication between access points is carried out through optical fibre communication line, which provides high speed of operation of control systems.

State Unitary Enterprise “Krasny Bor shooting ground”

Design and construction of communication and safety systems has been executed. A private automatic exchange station for 200 subscribers has been installed, installation of optical fiber and radio relay communication lines has been carried out, a system of wireless cellular communication of DECT standard has been mounted, design and construction of structured cable systems for 200 ports has been executed. Perimeter security system (extent 2000 m), including systems of the security signal system and video observation, as well as fire signal system has been constructed in buildings with total area of 15000 sq.m.

URSA company Russian representative office

Modernization of corporate communication network of the Russian representation of  URSA Company has been executed (branch of Spanish Uralita Group concern). The corporate network covers industrial complexes in the towns of Serpukhov and Chudovo, as well as representations of the company in Saint-Petersburg and Samara.


From the moment of its foundation, “TELROS” Company actively cooperates with various divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, located in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.

17-th department of police of Kalininsky district

In 2006 design works, delivery of equipment and construction in the following directions have been performed: security signal system, fire signal system (total area of the premises - 1700 sq.m.), warning system and evacuation of people in case of fire, video observation system, broadcasting user's network, ultra short wave radio communication, structured cable systems, installation of private automatic exchange stations, connection to general purpose telephone lines.

Senior Administration on Civil Defense and Emergency Management of Saint-Petersburg

The complex of works on modernization of communication Centre has been executed. Within the framework of the project, delivery and installation of digital private automatic exchange station Т7, produced by “TELROS” with total capacity over 300 ports has been executed, basic communication lines laid out, structured cable systems mounted.

Regional Boundary Administration of Federal Security Service of Russia in Northwestern Federal District

In December 1999, “TELROS” Company took part in realization of project “System of automatic collection, transfer, processing and analysis of information of radar-tracking conditions in eastern part of the Gulf of Finland”. In 2001-2006 the works on design and construction of departmental telecommunication network uniting 25 objects were carried out. Works on routine maintenance of communication equipment networks are being accomplished.

Boundary research testing and technical centre of Federal Security Service of Russia

In 2003 the design of departmental telecommunication network has been completed. In 2005 construction of the 1st fragment of departmental telecommunication network in the framework of ОТР (ОКР) “Zone - 12” under state contract has been executed.

Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Administration of federal purpose-oriented program “Frontier of the Russian Federation 2003-2010”

Since 2005 “TELROS” participates in realization of a major state contract on construction of a fragment of transportation network in the objects of Federal Security service located along Russian - Georgian, Russian - Azerbaijan and Russian - Kazakhstan border. Delivery of equipment of company's own manufacture has been carried out. Objects in Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Krasnodar Territory, Karachai-Cherkess Republic, Chechen Republic, and Northern Ossetia have been put into operation. All objects have been submitted to state committee for acceptance. At present the works are being carried out along Russian – Kazakhstan part of state border.

Northwest Customs Office

Construction and start-up and commissioning works for creation of the network of video conference systems at 25 objects of Northwest Customs Office are being implemented, including Vyborg, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Velikie Luki, Novgorod, Pskov, Syktyvkar and Kaliningrad customs offices.


Business centre “RESO”

21-storeyed multipurpose complex with total area of 55315 sq.m. This is an example of an intellectual business structure with a high level of engineering equipment. In the beginning of 2009, “TELROS” specialists have finished works on communication systems (system of air TV, structured cable systems), complex security system (security signal system, access control system, security video observation system), fire safety system (fire signal system, warning system and control of evacuation, automatic fire extinguishing – by water and gas, automatic fire-prevention system, warning system for civil defense and urgency situation signals).

“Energy” business Centre

In 2004 we have carried out cross transmission with a minimal break of communication. Design and construction of a cable telephone system and LAN for 150 urban and 900 internal subscribers have been performed. Total area of the building is 13000 sq.m.

“Bogatyrsky” business Centre

Design and construction of complex security and  fire safety system has been executed in 2005.

“Alexander Nevsky” Business Centre

In 2005 design of automated system of operative dispatch control of engineering systems of the building has been executed: heat supply, power supply, illumination, lift facilities, ventilation, air conditioning, control of supply and fire automatics systems. Main switchboard has been built, main electric networks laid, floor electric boards installed, group networks to customers mounted.


Cathedral of Our Lady of Fyodor icon in commemoration of the 300-anniversary of the Romanov family

Since 2007, within the framework of restoration of the cathedral, works are executed on all engineering systems of the structure, including automatic installation of fire signal system, warning and control of evacuation system, video observation system, monitoring and access control system, radio transmission system, water-supply and water drainage, heating and ventilation,  power supply and illumination systems, architectural and artistic illumination of facades, video observation, multimedia systems, etc.

State museum and monument “St.Isaac's Cathedral”

Private automatic exchange stations have been installed in administration buildings, as well as in branches, including St.Isaac's cathedral, the Temple of Ascension, Smolny and Sampsonievsky cathedrals. Delivery and installation of equipment for basic  data transfer network has been accomplished.


“The All-Russia Centre for Emergency and Radiation Medicine. The Clinic of the Centre of Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response”

A complete range of works on design and installation of radio systems, security and fire alarms, TV and telephone systems of the building has been executed. The unique system providing operative communication between patient and doctor was introduced in the hospital. The conference hall of the clinic is equipped with multimedia means, including video presentation systems, video conference systems and sound systems; the system is included in the uniform telecommunication network of the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergency Management and Natural Disasters Response. 

State Unitary Enterprise “First aid municipal station of Saint-Petersburg”

The system of telephone services and information services has been reconstructed. Great volume of works on delivery and installation of digital private automatic exchange station for 584 subscribers, main switching and distribution equipment, active equipment of computer network, has been executed. First aid substations have been equipped with automated system of calls processing.

“Children’s Rehabilitation Centre”

Works on design and construction of structured cable systems, including installation of   LAN active equipment , systems of  security - fire signal system, broadcasting, radio TV, master clock system have been carried out, a private automatic exchange station has been installed.


Grand Hotel “Europe”

In 2006 the feasibility report on reconstruction of power supply system (including reserve power supply source) and construction of boiler-house in Grand Hotel “Europe” has been developed. The system of power supply has been reconstructed.

During different periods works on construction of communication and safety systems were carried out in children's health complex “Luga”, in hotels “Octyabrskaya”, “Russia”, “Pribaltiyskaya”, “Аrbat Nord”, “Saint-Petersburg”.


Government of Leningrad region

Works on organization of corporate conference system based on equipment produced by “TELROS” - “Contour 100” have been performed.

Administration of Governor of Saint-Petersburg

Design of fire signal systems and  notification in case of fire has been performed in the building of Federal House.


October Railway

In 2005 works on design and construction of security system for railway bridge across  Volga River on Kashin – Kalyazin haul have been performed.

In 2006 at railway station in the town of Liuban (Leningrad region) works on construction of security video observation system, including installation of visual communication system “passenger - policy” have been performed.

Perimeter protection equipment has been installed for railway bridge across  Tuloma Channel (Мurmashi, Murmansk region).

From 2007 works are carried out on organization of digital conference system for October Railway entities. The first stage has united 32 objects of October Railway . The second stage will link 10 more objects to the network of digital conference system.

Marine passenger terminal of Saint-Petersburg

At the end of 2008 design and construction of communication systems, complex security system and fire safety system in Marine terminal №1 in Saint-Petersburg Marine passenger terminal has been completed. “TELROS” has also equipped the check point through state border with a system of safety means  and  special control of state supervising bodies.

In 2009 works on engineering installations in the second starting complex of Saint-Petersburg Marine passenger terminal have been started. By the summer of 2010, terminal №2 and terminal №3 will receive a security system complex, fire-prevention system and systems of communication. Construction of engineering systems will be realized according to specifications earlier developed by “TELROS” specialists.



Works on inclusion of a removed object (Issad settlement - communication station) into security system of Joint Stock Company “Rostelecom”, including transfer of video signal by radio access over large distances have been performed.


Since 2002 works have been performed on design and equipment of premises of basic stations with fire signal systems. In 2005, installation of Siemens cellular communication equipment has been executed in 120 objects of  MTS network in Komi.


Federal State Unitary Enterprise, scientific research institute “Rubin”

Works on design, installation and commissioning of complex security system and fire safety were carried out in 2004.

Federal State Unitary Enterprise, scientific research institute “Electropribor”

In 2005, works were completed on replacement of telephone service system, private automatic exchange station Т7 (produced by “TELROS”) with general capacity of over 1500 ports was put into operation. The new private automatic exchange station Т7 is connected with earlier installed private automatic exchange station Meridian 1, option 11С, with two digital streams. As a result, the total capacity of the telephone exchange facilities installed in the territory of the enterprise amounted to over 1900 ports.


“Volvo Car Centre”

Works on design and installation of the complex of communication and safety systems have been performed, including access control system, ОPS, installation of wired radio units, structured cable systems, loud-speaking communication, TV. A contract for safety systems servicing has been concluded.

General Motors Dealership Centre

A complex security system and fire safety system was installed. Design, construction and installation works for communication systems have also been performed. Total area of the building amounts to over 1500 sq.m.

Multi brand Chrysler cars Sales and Servicing Centre

Design and construction of automatic system of dispatching and control over engineering systems of the car Centre has been executed.

HONDA cars Dealership Sales Centre

Works on construction and commissioning of access monitoring system have been performed. Also, delivery of equipment, installation and adjustment of telephone basic station “UATS NEC NEAX 2000 IPS” and microcellular system “KIRK 1500”, have been carried out.

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