Basic directions of activity


“TELROS Integration” is one of leading system integrators in the Northwest region of Russia and carries out general contractor's operations for all kinds of engineering systems at designing and construction of objects of various designations. The performed works include all stages from pre-design inspections and preparation of design specification to project development, construction and delivery of object “on a turn-key basis”. We use our own staff of highly professional employees of various specialization.

Our basic directions of activity are as follows:

  • Telecommunication systems
  • Complex safety systems
  • Fire-prevention safety systems
  • Structured cable systems
  • Automated control systems of technological processes
  • Electric networks
  • Power supply systems
  • Illumination systems
  • Multimedia systems
  • Video conference systems
  • Heating systems
  • Systems of water-supply and water drainage
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Systems of ventilation

Acting as contractor in the field of engineering systems, we are ready to become a reliable and favorable partner for construction and design organizations. Cooperation with us will have the following advantages: guaranteed high-quality and timely settlement of all problems, flexible settlement system, a wide choice of equipment due to well-developed partner network of manufacturers, support with getting approvals in supervising bodies, guarantee and post-guarantee services.



TELROS Group of Companies carries out development, production and commissioning of control systems:

  • Automated control systems for technological processes of power objects of industrial enterprises and municipal economy;
  • Automated systems of operative dispatch control of technological processes for life-support systems of industrial enterprises and objects of municipal economy;
  • Automated monitoring systems and record-keeping of power resources;
  • Power supply systems with automatic input of reserve power and automatic repeated switching (up to 1000 V).



TELROS Group of Companies has a long-term experience of development of digital telecommunication equipment, as well as realization of research engineering and development work in the field of creation of information protection facilities. On the basis of our own systems, company's specialists create powerful territorially distributed networks of state structures, defense and law inforcement agencies, large branch organizations, fuel and energy complex and industry. Telecommunication projects with the use of  TELROS equipment have received broad recognition all over the territory of the Russian Federation and in many countries abroad.



TELROS Group of Companies develops organizational and technical solutions for maintenance of complex safety of objects (enterprises, organizations, establishments, territories, settlements), including development of  concepts, managing documents on objects safety; sorting objects according to potential risk degree; audit of objects’ safety; development of passports of objects’ safety; development of sections in safety documentation (design and construction) for construction (reconstruction) of objects; consulting of managers and specialists of enterprises' security services.



TELROS Group of Companies is the founder of “St.-Petersburg safety academy” – a non-state educational institution of additional vocational education. License for the right of educational activity (series B, № 209072, registration № Д952) was issued by the Committee on science and higher education of Saint-Petersburg Government on October 7, 2009. The purpose of “St.-Petersburg safety academy” is to improve professional skills of heads and specialists in the field of information safety, physical and fire safety, telecommunications and modern computer technologies.



“Service centre TELROS” executes maintenance services and repair of telecommunication systems, information systems, access monitoring systems , fire and security signal systems, video observation systems and protection of perimeter, warning systems, etc.



TELROS Group of Companies offers a wide spectrum of communication services in the field of  telephony, Internet and complex network solutions: from installation of one telephone line to construction of the whole telecommunication infrastructure of the entire organization.

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